If you do not find an answer to your particular question, please get in touch so that we can help you directly. We will continue to update this list to reflect the questions typically raised across time.

I tried to log in to the vyn app and it said “wrong email or password”

When logging into the app it is very important to click on the “Log in with Tevadis” option before entering your username or password. Your app account is controlled by your Tevadis subscription and the app will not recognise your details unless they are via Tevadis.

I tried password reset in the app and it made no difference

Your app account is controlled by your Tevadis subscription and the app will not recognise your details unless they are via Tevadis. As such, any password reset needs to be done within the Tevadis system. In the case of the app, click on “Log in with Tevadis” and use the password reset option on the Tevadis screen. Alternatively, you can go to the Tevadis User Portal and do the password reset from there.

How do I log out of the app?

Swipe the screen so that the Capture and Profile icons appear at the bottom of the page and then click on the Profile icon. In the top right corner of the screen you will see a menu option. Click to view the options and tap on “Log Out “

How secure is my financial data?

We will never compromise on security and privacy matters.

Our payment portal uses trusted global payment platforms which we have chosen to be separate from Tevadis systems. As such, we will never be able to see the account numbers or security details of the users payment method. We receive secure information to notify us when a payment has been made, or if there has been a problem, and use that information to control access to the Tevadis systems

What is meant by “Storyboard”, “Segment” and “Guided Text"?

A key feature of our system is the way in which it provides user friendly work process video capability. In this regard, each work process requires a unique version to ensure that it most appropriately meets the needs of the user.

“ Storyboard ”  is a specific video format, usually containing between 3-5 segments, designed to support a particular work process. The full selection of storyboards applicable to a particular users’ subscription will be shown on the main page of the app once the user has logged in.

“ Segment ” is a single video portion within a storyboard. It reflects the different aspects of a work process and helps to make the creation of the completed item user friendly. Each segment duration reflects the potential time required and is pre-set based upon industry knowledge. The actual recording time can be less than the assigned time, the user can stop recording when they like. Typically the allotted time for each individual segment is between 15-45 seconds but can be a maximum of 60 seconds. It is a deliberate system design choice to encourage brevity because it helps to guide users to be disciplined and to focus on the key information required. This is very important to assist the end-user who views the output, optimising the value and usefulness of the content.

“ Guided text ”  is a set of words, specific for each individual segment, that appear on the screen as the user progresses to each segment. The wording provides guidance in the form of a suggestion, question or instruction to the user to ensure that the user is clear about the information they need to provide.

What are the technical requirements for the app?

hL (humanLearning Limited) are constantly updating the technical capability of the app as new and more powerful solutions are developed. Most up to date and widely owned mobile devices will enable excellent performance, but for the very latest information on product specification you should check:

Apple App store https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/vyn/id1120732236?mt=8
Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vyntelligence.vyn&hl=en_GB)

How secure is the video and form data created in the app?

We use the vyn​Ⓡ platform and it is extremely secure. Developed to meet the high security standards required by major international corporations, vyn is hosted on Amazon’s AWS infrastructure using Enterprise grade security – providing high levels of availability, security, and data protection.

Do you sell or share my data with other organisations?

We do not currently (or plan to) sell or otherwise trade any customer data with external organisations for the purpose of commercial gain. However, in order to operate the business efficiently and ensure a high quality customer experience, we need to collaborate with partners by securely sharing data which in the majority of situations will be anonymised. On occasion, and in line with our Privacy policy, it is sometimes necessary to share detailed user data.

Our Privacy policy provides further information on this area, which we will update as and when necessary, providing notice to all customers of any change.

How can I delete an old video?

To support audits and long term investigations, all data in the vyn Ⓡ system is retained for a minimum of 6 years. Any exception to this operating procedure will require a direct request stipulating the specific items to be removed. Please send any such request to Tevadis customer services and we will liaise with humanLearning to have the content removed. Please note, however, that under UK law we have to keep basic customer information (including Contact, Identity, Financial and Transaction Data) for six years for tax purposes – even if you cease to be a customer.

How do I share a video once created?

Once you have created and uploaded a vyn you will receive a notification email from [email protected] You can forward this email to your customer or other appropriate contacts.

NOTE:​ The recipients of content will be able to save or forward without further control, so you will need to need to ensure that you understand and comply with your data privacy obligations. If in doubt, you should review your obligations with the relevant legislation such as the European Union General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Neither Tevadis Ltd nor humanLearning Limited can be held responsible for the security of content in your possession or forwarded by you to others

Can I have the my company logo embedded into the video?

As is the case with tailored embedded forms, the inclusion of a company logo WITHIN THE VIDEO for individual customers is not available at this point in time, but is certainly an option we hope to provide at a future point. For larger businesses (100 or more users), this may be available earlier as a chargeable option dependent on timings and contract length. If you are a business with 100 or more users, please contact us to discuss this option.

How do I secure access to content created by my employees if they leave the company?

Access to content is protected at the level of the account holder. If your employees subscribe and pay individually then the account is theirs, even if you are reimbursing them. To ensure control of content and future access to that content, you will need to do two things: (i) You will need to have control of their email account (e.g. [email protected]) so that you can disable it when they leave and (ii) You will need to be the person paying the Tevadis subscription fee. With these two elements in place we can arrange to have content from one account merged to another. Please contact our customer services team to discuss this as and when required. Note: In a situation where a departing employee did not have a company email address and/or they paid Tevadis subscriptions from their personal funds, we would only transfer account content with their written consent and provision of their unique Tevadis Security Code.

Can I access content even after I have ended my subscription?

Yes, you will continue to be able to access content produced during your subscription period, but only for 6 months, during which you can download any of the content you wish to retain via the User Portal. After this 6 month period has expired you will no longer have access to the User Portal without renewing your subscription.

How long is the content retained?

Content created within the vyn Ⓡ platform is retained for a minimum of 6 years from the time it has been created. You can download content to your own computer if you wish to retain a backup of content for your own purposes, although we cannot be held responsible for the security of such content once it leaves our system

Can I sign up multiple users on one account - I have X number of employees?

We are planning to provide larger account sign-up capability in the future but at this point in time each user will need to be registered separately. For businesses with over 20 users we would look to handle on an exceptional basis for the annual subscription option only. Please contact our Customer Services team for more information.

I’ve forgotten my email, password and security code details - how can I log in?

Unfortunately, in such a situation it will not be easy for us to help. We take security very seriously and have an obligation to protect the data that is stored in our systems. This data is both that of Tevadis users as well as data of their customers. If you want to be able to use the app until such time as you can retrieve your security credentials you could cancel your payments and sign up again with a new email address. Once you get your old details and can pass our security question we can look to merge your two accounts into one.

I’m unhappy with the app / service and want a refund.

We want you to be satisfied with all aspects of the service we provide. We would like the opportunity to address any issues first but, of course, we will absolutely make a refund if things are not to your satisfaction. If you are a monthly subscriber you should cancel your future payments and we will refund the month within which you raise the matter to us. For annual subscribers, we will refund the balance for the month that you raise the matter, plus the remaining months of your subscription.

Why can’t I forward job details directly to a customer from the User Portal?

There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, the end customer does not know Tevadis and there is a risk of content ending in their email spam folder. Additionally, customers might choose to reply to that email believing it would go the your email inbox, which it would not. The simplest and cleanest way is for the content to be forwarded directly from your email system using the “Resend email” button. Clicking this button will trigger our system to send you the original vyn notification email with the vyn video link and PDF document attached. You will receive this very quickly after requesting it.

I shared the vyn directly from the app to my customer but they did not receive the PDF file, why?

Part of the added value that Tevadis provides is the User Portal and PDF creation to accompany a vyn video. Sending directly from the vyn app bypasses the Tevadis system and so the form data is not visible to your customer. Always upload content and wait for the Tevadis notification email for sharing content with your customers.

Why isn’t the voice to text content included within the PDF document?

At this point in time technology is not able to capture speech content with 100% accuracy. Many customers will not be aware of this and there is a risk that they might view your professionalism in a negative light if they do not understand this – or believe that the words have been typed by you. To avoid this risk we have restricted voice to text content to the Tevadis user. Should you wish to share this content with your customers just copy/paste into another system for sharing directly with them.

The app is available in the app store - why do I need to use Tevadis?

The company that developed vyn, humanLearning Limited, currently focus their business on large enterprises and international corporations. At this point in time they do not have a subscription option for individual users. If you are a sizeable company then they will no doubt be willing to explore options with you, but that would be without access to the Tevadis system. You can find the contact details for humanLearning Limited on vyntelligence.com

I have a lot of employees. How do I get a better price / contract with Tevadis?

If you are a company with more than 20 employees that you wish to sign up to the Tevadis system we would be willing to discuss how to help you. This would be on the basis on annual subscriptions only. Please contact our Customer Services team for more information.

The platform looks very Plumber / Gas engineer focussed. What about other trades?

Whilst the storyboards are mostly generic it is true that the only trade specific storyboards are for domestic Plumbers and Gas Engineers. We are planning to produce additional trade specific storyboards in the second half of 2019.

Can I link the Tevadis system to my accounting software, so that I have a full customer picture?

At this point in time the Tevadis system is not set up to integrate with other platforms. We aim to bring future capability to the Tevadis system to allow users to have a complete customer management system. Timings for this are tbc.

I want to add more than one logo - can I?

At this point the Tevadis system is set up to accommodate the principle logo choice of our customers. Along with other system developments the option of additional logos is being considered. Timings for this are tbc.

I am concerned about data usage - what are the file sizes for uploading vyn videos?

As a rule of thumb, with good WiFi a 1 minute vyn should take about 3 minutes to upload and would be approximately 15MB. Bear in mind that upload times vary depending upon quality of connection (strong or weak, 4G or WiFi) and the length of video recording.

I prefer to take pictures, not video. Will the system let me do this?

Not at this time. Our strategic focus has been on the global trend towards using video in more ways, supported by extensive 4G and emerging 5G technology. Whilst pictures are great, they lack the broader context that video and voice provides. We are not saying that we will never incorporate a feature to include still pictures but it is not on our near term roadmap.

Can I use a single storyboard and embedded form when servicing multiple appliances?

At this point, no. The capturing of video evidence is a central element of our platform and the ultimate service that your customers will experience. As such, each appliance service will require its own footage.

Why do I sometimes find my vyn’s do not upload successfully?

There a number of factors that are at play during the upload process. Key amongst them are file size and internet connectivity. The quickest upload times occur when there is a strong WiFi connection. For very short videos and reasonable connectivity (whether 4G or WiFi) the upload time is short, often less than 1 minute. With longer videos the time required will inevitably be longer and, occasionally, may fail on the first attempt. If this happens a “Reload” button will appear next to it within the Profile section of the app. The content is safe and you can try again when you have good connectivity. There is no need to keep the Profile page open, you can go back to the Capture page and continue to use the system – the uploading process will continue in the background.

How many people are using this system and in which countries?

Details regarding numbers of users, geography and revenue etc are not publicly available as they are commercially sensitive matters which we do not plan to disclose at this time. That said, our current offering is based on English speaking countries and our principle commercial focus areas are the United Kingdom and North America.

What is the relationship between humanLearning Limited (owners of the vynⓇ app) and Tevadis?

humanLearning Limited developed and market the vyn app, continuing to invest in its core capability and feature development. Tevadis, like other companies utilising the vyn platform, incorporate the app into products and services to deliver superior value within the marketplace. No part of Tevadis Ltd is owned or controlled by humanLearning Limited or vice versa. The founder of Tevadis Ltd, Michael Hickey, was one of the original Angel Investors behind humanLearning Limited and remains a shareholder. That shareholding is on a personal basis and not a part of Tevadis Ltd.