Our Purpose

We are a UK based company with a clear focus on leveraging vyn​Ⓡ ​mobile video technology to deliver two core objectives:

  • To create exquisite video-based work process solutions​ that simplify tasks whilst increasing business efficiency, quality and profit.
  • To deliver an outstanding user experience ​“So simple, it’s a must have. So good, I want more”

Structured to maximise efficiency with dynamic international growth, we work with select experts to provide tailored IT systems, Finance and Customer Services support with resources located within the UK and internationally. With an unwavering commitment to deliver the best possible customer experience we focus on three fundamental elements in everything we do:


Operating with enterprise grade security and full compliance with GDPR legislation, our customers can be sure that we will do whatever is necessary to protect their data. With an option to integrate into almost any platform, customers can further benefit from their own added security protocols.


Whilst modern technology is anything but simple, there is no reason to show that complexity to users. We look after the complexities of making the use of our systems as simple as possible so our customers can focus on what matters most to them – making life simpler whilst increasing business efficiency, quality and profit. With short, easy-to-use, guided and structured video “storyboards”, our system captures information in a secure, retrievable and auditable format – reducing or eliminating a reliance on outdated paperwork.


Even the best tools are of little use if they aren’t available when you need them, or if they don’t work as and they should when you use them. With the combined focus and resources of Tevadis, its partners and the team behind the world leading vyn technology, you can be sure that our solutions will be there as intended, as and when you need them.

Our Connection to vyn​​Ⓡ

vyn is the result of a vision shared by​ Kapil Singhal and Arti Khanna, the co-founders of humanLearning Limited. They believed that the rapid development and adoption of  both video and smartphone technology in the consumer space could also help to deliver great benefits within business.

Our founder, Mick Hickey, was one of the initial Angel Investors funding and supporting humanLearning Limited as they developed vyn – a world leading platform leveraging the power of short, highly secure, prompted, structured & guided video – with AI capability to drive ever increasing value for businesses and consumers alike.

In 2018 Tevadis Ltd signed a worldwide distribution agreement with humanLearning Limited to expand the reach of vyn technology across various markets and business sectors.